Sponsor Levels

Thank you to all the sponsors who participated in this event.

S.A.F.E. relies heavily on the generosity of our communities. If you’re a business or individual who would like to sponsor the  Words and Wine, please examine the following information to see what level you might be inspired to:

  • SAFE Haven Award ~ $2000
  • Common Wealth Award ~ $1500
  • National Book Award  ~ $1000
  • American Book Award  ~ $500
  • Nobel Prize  ~ $300
  • Pulitzer Prize ~ $200
  • Newbery Award ~ $100

Recognition of your contribution will be reflected in the event’s brochure and on our website (including an option to link back to your business’s website). Those donating at higher levels may receive mention in radio or print ads, as well.

To help, please contact us at 540-948-6174 in order for us to gather your information and (where necessary) complete the Sponsorship Form.

Donate an Item

The success of our auction depends largely on the gifts we receive
from our donors. If you have an item you believe would be appropriate for our auction, please contact us at 540-948-6174. Where possible and appropriate, we will try to notate those donating gifts in our list of this year’s items.